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  • Occasional Constipation
    Though it can mean different things to different people, constipation is a world-wide health concern, affecting as many as 12% of the human population. If you’re regular most of the time, experiencing constipation only now and then, when it does strike it could be a cue from your colon that it may need a little extra help.

  • What are Probiotics?
    Your body contains a careful balance of “good” or beneficial bacteria strains that live in your gastrointestinal tract and help support your digestive and immune systems. Some probiotics are available in yogurt. Others can be ingested through multi-strain probiotic supplements. Find out what a probiotic can do for your digestive health.

  • Health Benefits of a High-Fiber Diet
    Have you ever been told to increase your fiber intake or consume more high-fiber foods? If so, you are probably wondering why, how to increase fiber and what a high-fiber diet really looks like.

  • Fiber Cleanse
    Think of a fiber cleanse as an internal ‘spring cleaning’ for your body and colon. Cleansing the colon is a way to gently and effectively kick-start your body’s natural detoxification abilities. Two of the most important organs in body detox are the liver and the colon.

TLC for Your Colon

If you suffer from digestive complaints, a weak immune system, or occasional constipation, consider taking steps to ensure that your large intestine is getting the health-promoting attention it needs.

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  • Colonix® Program
    The cleanse of choice for over 1 million customers. Gentle, all natural & vegetarian detox to cleanse the colon and liver.*

  • UniFiber®
    A versatile, gluten-free fiber you can cook into your favorite recipes. 100% insoluble fiber.

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