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    DrNatura® products are safe, pure, and effective.

    Every label of every DrNatura herbal supplement, dietary supplement and tea bears the cGMP seal –because quality isthe cornerstone of our success. Our manufactures have the technical and professional personnel, lab facilities, standards and procedures to ensure the highest quality products.

    What is cGMP?

    For your health and safety, our manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices, also referred to as GMPs. GMPs are strict regulations that describe the methods, equipment, facilities and controls required for producing certain supplements, foods and medical devices. The “c” in “cGMP” stands for “current,” to emphasize that the expectations are dynamic and always changing.

    cGMP regulations address issues including:

    • Documentation
    • Personnel qualifications
    • Sanitation/cleanliness
    • Equipment verification
    • Process validation, and
    • Complaint handling
    DrNatura 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to be happy with our products. We offer a 60-day money-back policy. That’s how much we believe in the worth and effectiveness of each and every DrNatura product.