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    Colonix Kit


    What is Colonix®?

    For more than a decade, the flagship product of DrNatura, the Colonix® Advanced Internal Cleansing Program, has been one of the most popular colon cleanse systems to detoxify the body.* It includes: Colonix Intestinal Cleanser, a cleansing fiber supplement; Paranil capsules with liver detoxifying herbs; and KleriTea soothing herbal tea.*

    Powered by more than 40 herbs, Colonix Program thoroughly cleanses the colon and liver to detoxify the body of accumulated build-up.*

    • Promotes regularity & digestive health*
    • Helps relieve poor digestion, including gas, bloating & occasional constipation*
    • Supports a healthy liver*
    • Detoxifies the body in 3 easy steps*
    • Made of all natural & vegetarian ingredients

    How long should I cleanse?

    • pack-90-day-cleanse.gif

      90-day cleanse – Think of cleansing as ‘spring cleaning’ your body: You can do a quick, cursory clean or a deep, thorough scrubbing. The latter may take more time, but it’s worth the extra effort. If this is your first cleanse or a cleanse you only do once a year, we recommend you commit to a full 90-day cleanse for optimal results. You’ll feel the difference!

    • pack-60-day-cleanse.gif

      60-day cleanse – If this is not your first time cleanse, but you want a more thorough detox because of your lifestyle, environment or diet, we recommend you complete a 60-day cleanse.

    • pack-30-day-cleanse.gif

      30-day cleanse –Be skeptical of any cleanse promising extreme results in a short amount of time. It took your body a long time to accumulate unwanted build-up. A healthy cleanse will gently encourage your body’s natural elimination process and emphasize a healthy diet, water and exercise. If you cleanse bi-annually or more frequently, one 30-day Colonix Program should do the trick.

    Find out what cleansing is all about and Why Cleanse Your Colon in the first place.

    What's included?

    Colonix Program is a comprehensive three-part detoxifying system that includes:

    • included1.gif

      Paranil® herbal supplement

    • included2.gif

      Colonix® daily fiber

    • included3.gif

      KleriTea® herbal tea

    Notice that these are not just three kinds of pills, but three different items designed to work well together: herbal capsules, fiber powder and tea. All three products are needed at the same time for a powerful and comprehensive internal cleanse. Each component does a specific job:

    • Herbs in Paranil are used to cleanse the liver.*
    • The fiber powder is mixed with water or juice and acts like a sponge in the digestive tract, attaching to the build-up on the walls and crevices of the colon.
    • Taken right before bed, the herbal tea stimulates the bowels so the body is ready to expel the spongy waste material the next day.


    Print/Download Ingredients

    • Colonix® Intestinal Cleanser Fiber Supplement
      360 grams

    • KleriTea® Herbal Tea
      30 tea bags

    • Paranil® Herbal Supplement
      110 vegetarian capsules


    Did You Know?

    Standard psyllium is only 85% grade. DrNatura uses 95% grade psyllium husk sourced from suppliers in India who comply with strict quality standards set by our U.S. manufacturer following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

    Cleansing Regimen

    Colonix® Program in 3 Easy Steps

    • cleansing-no1.gif

      In the morning, take Paranil capsules on an empty stomach.

    • cleansing-no2.gif

      Next mix Colonix fiber with 8oz of juice or water. Follow it with another 8oz glass of water.

    • cleansing-no3.gif

      Before bed, drink soothing KleriTea. After 5 days, drink tea every other day or less frequently.

    • cleansing-no-plus.gif

      Drink eight glasses of pure water throughout the day.

    Before starting a cleanse, read the entire Cleansing Guide (dowload link below) for complete instructions and important safety information:
    Download detailed Cleansing Guide

    Make the most of your cleanse by drinking lots of pure water, exercising and eating a balanced, colorful diet. We have suggestions for What to Eat While Cleansing.

    This is also the ideal time to eliminate bad habits, like smoking. Find out How to Support Body Detoxification.

    We Also Recommend

    The DrNatura Promise

    As a global leader in cleansing and detoxification, DrNatura voluntarily adheres to the FDA’s strictest quality standards for dietary supplements via current Good Manufacturing Practices.

    When possible, DrNatura uses all natural, plant-derived ingredients that are processed minimally for optimal nutrition.

    This product includes all-vegetarian ingredients, including the capsule materials. DrNatura uses VegiCapsules or Vcaps® for most supplements in capsule form.

    This is an original formula developed exclusively for DrNatura. Imitators have tried to copy our proprietary blends, but no one comes close.

    DrNatura 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to be happy with our products. We offer a 60-day money-back policy. That’s how much we believe in the worth and effectiveness of each and every DrNatura product.