Unifiber FAQs

How much fiber is in each serving of UniFiber?

Each serving of UniFiber contains 3 grams of natural fiber, similar to the amount of fiber found in one large bran muffin or ¾ cup of cooked carrots.

How is UniFiber different from other fiber supplements?

UniFiber is the only fiber supplement on the market that is totally insoluble. It offers benefits such as:

  • No gas and bloating
  • Can be taken with other medications
  • No minimum liquid requirement
  • No choking hazard (does not gel or swell)
  • Gluten-free, sodium-free, phosphorous-free

What is UniFiber made of?

80% Powdered Cellulose, 19% Maltodextrin, 1% Xanthan gum. The cellulose in UniFiber is sourced from common hardwoods species including beech, birch, maple, oak, and gum trees.

How long does it take for UniFiber to produce effect?

UniFiber generally produces effect in 12 – 72 hours.

When I mix UniFiber in water is it supposed to mix clear?

No, UniFiber is an insoluble fiber supplement and therefore will not dissolve. When mixed with water, the water will appear cloudy and the particles will go into suspension but will not dissolve. Although UniFiber can be mixed in water, you may find that it is most easily taken when mixed with your favorite juice or soft food.

Why is UniFiber a good fiber supplement for people on a restricted diet?

UniFiber is sodium, potassium, phosphorus and gluten free. It contains less than one net carb per serving and has less than 4 calories per serving with no artificial sweeteners. UniFiber requires no extra fluids and there are no special precautions or warnings.

Can UniFiber be taken during pregnancy?

Yes. UniFiber is a great source of fiber during pregnancy. It is all natural and will not interfere with the absorption of a prenatal vitamin or other medications.

Can I take UniFiber with my medications?

Yes. Unlike psyllium fiber products which caution patients to take their fiber at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking oral medication or vitamins, UniFiber can be taken at the same time without altering their effectiveness. UniFiber will not interact with other medications or interfere with drug absorption.

Does UniFiber have any special warnings?

No. UniFiber has no known reactions, special precautions or warnings.

How much UniFiber should I take?

UniFiber can be taken up to 3 times daily if needed or as recommended by your healthcare provider or pharmacist. One tablespoon of UniFiber per serving for adults; for children 6-11 years old, ½ a tablespoon up to 2 times daily. For children under six years, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

How can I take UniFiber?

Stir one tablespoon of UniFiber into any beverage (water, fruit juice, milk, etc.) or soft food (cereal, applesauce, mashed potatoes, pudding, etc.). You can also add UniFiber to your favorite recipes. It is tasteless and doesn't change the flavor of cooked or baked food. We do not recommend mixing UniFiber into carbonated beverages.

How much liquid do I have to take with UniFiber?

There is no minimum liquid requirement for UniFiber. It can be mixed in soft foods as well as liquids. If you choose to take your UniFiber in a liquid, whatever amount of liquid you are comfortable taking it with is sufficient.

Can UniFiber be given through a feeding tube?

Yes. Because UniFiber will not gel or swell, it can be administered through a feeding tube.

Is UniFiber sold in stores?

UniFiber is available in an 8.4 oz canister (60 servings) behind the pharmacy counter at retail locations and in a 16 oz (114 servings) canister exclusively on

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