Busting the Myths on Cleansing

Busting the Myths on Cleansing

Posted by DrNatura® on Jun 10th 2022

You’ve likely heard the term “ cleansing” or its relatives “internal cleansing” or “colon cleansing,” right?

As with most things these days, there can be multiple viewpoints and voices sharing different perspectives, some more trustworthy than others.

In an effort to help you make sense of the differences, here are some common “myths” related to cleansing that we are happy to shine a light on:

Myth: There's no such thing as “natural cleansing”.

In reality, cleansing practices have ancient roots; many cultures around the world have practiced cleansing principles and methods for centuries. There's plenty of evidence that cleansing practices were used – and continue to be used – in countries with deep, rich histories: India, Egypt, Japan, Russia, and the Americas. What all these ancient cultures understood is that there is an innate relationship between the human body and the natural world and that there are many herbs and other natural substances that can assist the body with its own cleansing abilities. As we tap into the power of nature to assist with cleansing, we are participating in health promotion activities that have been a part of the global human experience for centuries.

Myth: The colon doesn’t get “clogged up”.

Everyone experiences  constipation at some point in their lives, which means that anyone can tell you that things aren’t always smooth sailing where the bowels are concerned. Aside from anecdotes, however, the concept of “bowel impaction” is real, often constituting an actual medical emergency. If feces stay in the colon too long, they can dry and harden, making them even more difficult to pass. If left untreated, there can be tears in the delicate rectal tissue and even tissue death. It’s certainly much better to be sure that our colons are clean and functioning optimally. In reality, the more dietary fiber a person gets, the larger, easier, and more efficient bowel movements become – just the opposite of that “clogged up” feeling that comes with occasional constipation.

Myth: As long as I move my bowels once a week, I’m good.

While each body is different and everyone has different bowel habits, health experts agree that it’s normal to have a bowel movement at least a few times a week, and perhaps even a few times a day. In fact, people who get enough daily dietary fiber will find that the number, quality, and effectiveness of their bowel movements can increase dramatically compared to those whose diets are fiber deficient. Some health professionals recommend moving your bowels at least once a day to help maintain optimal health and a daily dietary fiber supplement can help you do that.

Myth: Colon cleansing is a scam; there are no benefits.

Quite to the contrary! The foundation of a good, thorough cleanse is the use of a high quality,  natural fiber supplement, and there’s solid research that suggests a range of health benefits that come from improving the quality and frequency of your bowel movements. Any health professional would be happy to hear that you are “regular,” because it is such an important part of a healthy life. Using a  colon cleanse that is based on a premium, all-natural fiber supplement can be a very effective way to ensure your bowel movements are frequent, healthy, and complete. Start Your Cleasing Journey


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