UniFiber: The Cooking Fiber

UniFiber: The Cooking Fiber

Posted by DrNatura® on May 2nd 2023

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Most of the fiber supplements on the market today contain psyllium husk, a well-known source of soluble fiber. When soluble fiber interacts with water and other fluids, it forms a gel which has several health-related purposes in the body, one of which is slowing digestion.

Another type of dietary fiber is insoluble fiber. This is fiber that doesn’t dissolve in water. Instead, it absorbs it as well as other fluids. The result is that it swells in size, adding bulk to stool. This is helpful to the body, because as the bulkier stool moves through the intestines, it speeds up its movement. In this way, insoluble fiber can be really helpful for those experiencing occasional constipation or reduced bowel movements.


Typical fiber supplements have to be taken on their own, most commonly as a pill or stirred into a glass of water or juice. They tend to be flavored and have to be swallowed relatively quickly after preparation before they become too thick.

DrNatura’s UniFiber is a wholly insoluble fiber. Because of this, it doesn't haven't be taken on its own and can actually “hide” inside other foods. For example, it can be easily stirred into soups or sauces, included in smoothies, or blended into yogurt. As a tasteless, colorless, calorie-free addition to foods, it’s a wonderful way to get more dietary fiber in the diet. This is especially good for children; they get more dietary fiber without having it change their favorite foods.