Visualize the cleaning products under your kitchen sink: cleansers for an array of surfaces, scum and build-up. Now picture the toiletries in your bathroom for cleansing your body - soaps, shampoos, foaming facial cleansers, clay masks, toners and moisturizers. The truth is, we spend a lot of money and time on products that help “beautify” our environment and cleanse our outsides, but we rarely give thought to the cleansers for our insides.

About Cleansing: Be Beautiful Inside

Think of a cleanse as an internal ‘spring cleaning’ for your body. Cleansing is a way to gently and effectively kick-start your body’s natural detoxification abilities. Two of the most important organs in body detox are the liver and the colon.

Why Cleanse the Colon?

Many people decide to colon cleanse because of their lifestyle, environment or diet. An annual cleanse can be a natural path to better choices in exercise and eating well. Find out the benefits of colon cleansing.

Why Cleanse with Fiber?

Fiber plays an essential role in the Colonix Cleanse Program, as it should. Research shows that a healthy diet includes 20 to 40 mg of fiber daily, although most Americans are getting much less than that. Although the human body can’t digest dietary fiber, it is a very important part of a colon cleanse because it: provides bulk to your diet, helps prevent constipation by moving food through the intestines; and can help lower cholesterol.

Herbal Cleanse

The use of herbs and botanicals to help cleanse the body dates back thousands of years. In fact, in India the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda began approximately 3,500 years ago. Like the modern cleanse, Ayurveda relies upon an intimate knowledge of the natural healing elements and maintaining balance within the human body.

Cleanse Naturally with DrNatura Products

A healthy cleanse will gently encourage your body’s natural elimination process and emphasize a healthy diet, water and exercise.* When searching for an internal cleanser, look for the following:

  • high quality, all natural products
  • a program that promotes regular bowel movements & digestive health
  • ingredients like vitamins, minerals and herbs to support the body’s cleansing abilities
  • products manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • a regiment that is not too short — aim for 30-90 days to ensure an optimal cleansing experience