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    Most of us already know what makes a healthy diet – eat foods that are nutrient-rich and avoid processed, refined foods stripped of their nutritional value. However, we don’t always eat what’s best for us. Dietary supplements (like multivitamins, antioxidant supplements and even probiotics) can help bridge many nutritional gaps in our diets.

    DrNatura Herbal and Dietary Supplements

    Think of cleansing as an internal ‘spring cleaning’ for your body. Cleansing is a way to gently and effectively kick-start your body’s natural detoxification abilities. Two of the most important organs in body detox are the liver and the colon.

    Why Cleanse the Colon?

    For more than a decade, DrNatura has been a global leader in colon cleansing and detoxification. To ensure the highest quality in supplements, DrNatura voluntarily adheres to the FDA’s strictest quality standards for dietary supplements via current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMP. When possible, DrNatura uses all natural, plant-derived ingredients that are processed minimally for optimal nutrition, as well as all-vegetarian ingredients, including the capsule materials.


    Flora Protect Probiotics

    Multi-strain, dairy-free probiotics to balance your intestinal flora and support a healthy immune system.*

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    Cleansing with Colonix® Program “unclogs” your body for optimum absorption of the nutrients in this potent super-vitamin with green foods.* Nourishment is an important follow-up to any detox program.

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    Types of Supplements

    The DrNatura® family of products is uniquely targeted to support digestive health, immune health and overall wellbeing.* The all natural dietary and herbal supplements include:

    Supplement DrNatura® Product
    Fiber Supplements
    Daily fiber to help relieve occasional constipation and encourage regular bowel movements.*

    Colonix® Intestinal Cleanser*

    Probiotics Supplements
    Multi-strain, dairy-free probiotics to balance your intestinal flora and support a healthy immune system.*

    Flora Protect® Probiotics

    Herbal Supplements/Tea
    Harness the natural power of herbs used in folk medicine for thousands of years.


    Replenish your body with essential nutrients, antioxidants and potent green foods.



    • Living in a Toxic World

      Living in a Toxic World

      The body’s natural detoxification system protects us from our toxic world. As we live, our bodies do the best they can to neutralize toxins and free radicals and escort them from the body as efficiently as possible.

    • Alternative Health: Cleansing with Herbs

      Alternative Health: Cleansing with Herbs

      The flagship product of the DrNatura line, the Colonix Program, employs more than 40 cleansing herbs to naturally detoxify the body.* These potent gifts from nature include milk thistle, licorice root, ginger root and fenugreek seed.

    • Liver Detox

      Liver Detox

      Your liver is a prime filtration organ, but it is not immune to the chemicals and toxins it encounters as it does its work.

    • What to Eat While You Detox

      What to Eat While You Detox

      Optimize your health during a body detox by drinking plenty of water to dilute and flush toxins out of the system. Support a detox by eating a healthy diet – rich with wholesome, organic foods.

    DrNatura 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to be happy with our products. We offer a 60-day money-back policy. That’s how much we believe in the worth and effectiveness of each and every DrNatura product.